January 18, 2017 Bruno Vojvodic

Infographics For Pleasure: How To Feed Your Bird

Imagine a perfect world in which everyone can do something that really fulfills him/her. What would you do? Would you travel the world, or would you prefer to spend a nice, quiet time with a book? Maybe you would be a world famous actor or a rock star. How about being an astronaut; that sounds really cool, doesn’t it? No? OK, back to Earth. A supermodel? A taster in a chocolate factory? Now, that would be sweet! Or, maybe you’d want to do something really altruistic and dedicate your life to helping the poor and feeding the hungry. That would be very noble of you, but you wouldn’t need to bother – it’s a perfect world, and nobody is poor or hungry. Perhaps you would prefer to be race car driver, a ballet dancer, a doctor or a perfect parent – great choices! Would you like to know what we would do? We would be – infographics creators!

In this slightly less than perfect world, we function as an infographics production agency and work on commercial projects for our clients, and we have never lost our passion for dealing with the subjects we are interested in, not because of the financial benefit, but for the pure pleasure of it. That’s why, every now and then, we create infographics for our own portfolio. They come in different shapes, sizes, and formats – from simple micro-contents to complex illustrations and designs that take up weeks of exhaustive work, research, and visualization to complete. Dealing with various topics and not being limited in genres, we all share one thing – the enthusiasm and love for the creation of visual media.

We don’t keep these products to ourselves, however. That would be like keeping a beautiful bird imprisoned in a cage with no one to look at her. The bird would be lonely – and we don’t want lonely infographics. We want them to fly and show themselves to the world so other people can admire them, too. We do this by sharing them on social networks, blogs, and web portals, for free, making them available to visual creativity sites (like Behance) for downloading and further sharing.

We are pleased that some of our infographics have made their way to world-renowned specialized portals. For example, NYC Aviation marked 75 years from the disappearance of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart The life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart with an infographic from our portfolio.

Brazil World Cup 2014: Who’s Your Pick? was included in the World Cup InfoPosters worth seeing list at Visualoop, and Filmlinker selected Auguste Lumiere and Film Careers (this one was made for a client, B&H): Where to Begin infographics for their 20 of the Best Filmmaking Related Infographics list.

In addition, some of our original infographics have been published in professional books that provide a cross-sectional analysis of world’s best recent infographics. Auguste Lumiere and Brazil World Cup 2014: Who’s Your Pick? were included in Infographic Design in Media (Wang Kai, 2015, The Images Publishing Group, Australia) while Amelia Earhart and Pamplona Bull Run found their place in Infographics & Data Visualizations (2013, LN Press). Presence in such publications and portals resulted in a lot of interest in our infographics, so at the moment, we are logging hundreds of visitors to our website on a daily basis.

So, forget that perfect world, which would probably soon become boring. The things that you want to do and make you happy are available in this world, too. We found our own favorite thing to do and remain dedicated to it for the simplest of reasons – we enjoy it; it’s creative, and it’s fun! That’s why we keep “feeding our bird”, continue to create well researched/written/designed infographics for our own portfolio, and provide them for free to share on our website, social networks, and portals. We hope they make their way to you, too!

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