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Car Costs And Fuel Economy: Electric Vs. Hybrid Vs. Gasoline

Published: 06/2015

Learn about the pros and cons of different car types and make the perfect choice according to your driving habits. Electric, hybrid or gasoline car? Naturally, we could find advantages and disadvantages for any of them. While there are numerous factors that may be important to car buyers when making their decisions, on this occasion we focused specifically on aspects related to fuel economy, costs, expenses and greenhouse gas emissions.

For this project, we created yet another infographic with a personal slant in the form of an infographic poster (B1 size). This infographic is meant to be a practical guide – a helper for automobile drivers to choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets their needs (all-electric, hybrid or gasoline vehicle). In addition to its standard poster format, this infographic has an accompanying blog post and derivative micro-content in the form of several smaller infographics.

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