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Pamplona: Running of the Bulls

Published: 06/2012

Encierro, or Running of the Bulls, is one of the most popular, chaotic, and dangerous festivals celebrated every year in Pamplona, Spain. Scheduled to take place from 7 to 14 July, the Pamplona Running of the Bulls is part of a much more important experience rooted in Spanish tradition that dates back to medieval times. Back then, bullfighting was quite popular and many bullrings were built. People started viewing Bull Runs as a form of entertainment and so the famous Bull Run was born. The bulls would be released from the corral in Calle Santo Domingo and would run through the streets of the city. Soon afterwards, however, people started running along with the bulls, which eventually turned the once bull-centered entertainment event into a very dangerous practice, which was soon labeled illegal.

Nonetheless, Spanish people have embraced this festival and to this day, every morning on July 7th, when the clock of the San Cernin Church strikes 8 o’clock, two rockets give away the signal for people to start running ahead of the bulls that are soon released behind them. As tradition dictates, the run starts at the corral and ends at the bullring which is 825 meters away. Although it only usually takes five minutes for the run to take place, it can at times last longer depending on if any bull goes out of the group.

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