Inside The Box

The Politics of Climate Change

Published: 01/2017

This interactive infographic, based on a Pew Research Center survey, deals with politically different views of the current scientific discussion of climate change. Namely, depending on their affiliation with certain political orientations, Americans are deeply divided about the causes, cures, and urgency of climate change. The biggest gaps are between those at the ends of the political spectrum.

While over half of Americans don’t believe in the relevancy of human behavior in global warming, the numbers show that nearly seven out of 10 Democrats believe climate change is mainly a result of human activity, compared to fewer than a quarter of Republicans. Similar trends are notable in the perception of possible threats due to climate change. Liberal Democrats are especially inclined to believe that harm from climate change is likely and that both policy and individual changes can be effective in addressing the problem. The differences are not that great when it comes to technology and lifestyle changes in the future.

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