Inside The Box

2015: A Year in Science

Published: 12/2015

We are proud to present the infographic we created in collaboration with Tanja Rudež, European Science Writer of the Year 2015! It was an exciting year in science, and some of its significant events attracted a lot of attention. Despite persistent ethical dilemmas, it’s obvious that research in genetics is bringing us closer and closer to creating genetically modified people. Until genes are able to take care of it, we will continue to need antibiotics to fight bacterial infections. At the same time, we’re finding out more and more about our ancestors and discovering hominin species that lived millions of years ago. Those ancestors knew very little about the cosmos, and since then, we’ve advanced to the point of organizing space missions that give us a view on the most distant parts of our solar system. We’re looking for “new Earths” while trying to figure out how to save our own from global warming. One way or another, 2015 has been a blast!

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